A Story About Relationships & Linkbuilding

A Story About Relationships & Linkbuilding

Here’s a good question about SEO and linkbuilding.  If you’ve been put in charge of your site’s link building strategy, how do you get people to link to you site?  If you’re an auto dealer, I’m 99.9% certain you have the same, mundane content as your competition.  What if you’re not an auto dealer.  Let’s say you run an ecommerce site that sells food online like steak, seafood, and beef.  Sadly, you’re in the same boat.  You have products that are extremely similar to your competition’s and you’re trying to find ways to separate yourself from the pack.

So back to the question.  How do you build and acquire links?  You can either take the time to create some compelling content and market the heck out of it.  This, of course, takes a lot of time.  Or…. you can start calling in favors and do some bartering with people you know who have their own websites.  This calling in of favors takes less time on the front end, but will take up time on the back-end when those friends come to call in their favor.

The rough part of all this is after you’ve called everyone you know, you get to see your worth to those people.  There will be people you thought would jump to help and never call you back.  There will people who will give you say, “have you tried, x, y, and z” and not really offer to help.  And finally, there will be people who will call you back and happily say, “how can I help”?  Always be sure to cultivate those relationships.  It’s those relationships that will continue to help you personally as well as professionally.

There is a bonus of course.  If you’ve developed an extensive list of contacts on Twitter and Facebook and reach out, you’ll get those people you’ve never met in person who will volunteer to help you out as well.  Those relationships are worth their weight in gold.

So here’s the moral of the story.  Always be willing to help those who come asking for favors because you just never know when you’ll need one yourself.


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